• Coinbase Prime login - The Crypto Solution for Institutions

    Coinbase Prime login is a digital currency trading and investing exchange that provides users the ability to purchase, sell, deposit, withdraw, and exchange more than 100 tradeable crypto assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin. Coinbase is one of the renowned and largest companies with more than 89 million registered users and $ 278 billion in digital assets on the platform. Trading on Coinbase Prime login is user-friendly and easy to use for beginners with basic computer knowledge. You can access this platform through a web browser or iOS and Android devices.

    Steps to Create an Account on Coinbase Prime Login

    • Let’s begin with, open any web browser and search the URL Coinbase Prime login.

    • Alternatively, you can launch the Coinbase app on your smartphone.

    • On the homepage, hit the Get Started button to move to the next step.

    • You will be asked to provide all the necessary details such as your full name, email address, strong login password, and residential state.

    • Then, go through the User Agreement & Privacy Policy set by the website.

    • Now, you have to check the Agree box and click on the Create Account option.

    • After that, you will get an email from Coinbase to validate your email address.




    Verify the email address
    • For this, head to your email account and launch the email you have received from the company.

    • Then, click on the Verify email address link in the email.

    • Hitting that link will take you to the Coinbase Prime login page.

    • Now, you should sign in using the email address and password you have provided recently to complete the email verification procedure.




    Verify the mobile number
    • Get into your Coinbase Prime login account.

    • Then, select your residential state.

    • Enter your contact number.

    • Hit the Send Code icon.

    • Now, type the seven-digit key sent by Coinbase in the preferred field.

    • Tap on the Submit button.




    Verify the ID
    • Log in to your Coinbase Prime login account using the email address and password.

    • Click on the Three-horizontal lines.

    • Then, select the Profile and Settings tab.

    • Click on the Enable send and receive at the top of the page.

    • Select the Document type you wish to upload.

    • Lastly, upload a government-issued ID.

    Steps to Access the Coinbase Prime Login Account

    • To start with, visit the official Coinbase Prime login website.

    • Or else, open its mobile app on your iOS/Android.

    • On the homepage, click on the Sign In button visible at the top right corner.

    • On the sign-in form, you have to enter the registered email address and login password.

    • Then, it will ask you to finish the Two-step verification.

    • If all looks perfect, tap on the Log In icon to enter your Coinbase Prime login account.

    Steps to Reset the Password on Coinbase Prime Login

    • First of all, move to the homepage of Coinbase through Coinbase Prime Login.

    • On the sign-in page, navigate and hit the Forget Password? option.

    • On the password reset page, you need to enter the associated email address and press the Reset Password button.

    • Now, Coinbase will send you an email containing a reset password link.

    • Head to your mailbox and click on the Reset Password option to open a new page where you can set up a new password.

    • Here, you should enter your new login password in the preferred field.

    • Then, rewrite the password in the Confirm Password box and tap on the Update Password.

    • That’s it, you can now use the new password to sign in to your Coinbase Prime Login account.

    Steps to Buy Crypto on Coinbase Prime Login

    • Use the URL Coinbase Prime Login to visit the web page of Coinbase.

    • Then, you need to sign in to your account using the login credentials.

    • On the homepage, tap on the Buy/Sell displayed in the upper right corner of the page.

    • Hit the Buy panel to pick the currency you wish to buy.

    • Input the amount you need to purchase denominated in cryptocurrency or the local currency.

    • Now, choose your mode of payment.

    • Press the Preview Buy button to check the details you have entered.

    • Finally, click on the Buy tab to complete the purchase.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: How can I change my email address on Coinbase Prime Login?

    Answer: For this, sign in to your Coinbase Prime Login account using the existing email address and password.

    • Input the Two-step verification code.

    • Then, tap on the I no longer have access to my email account tab.

    • Provide the new email address.

    • Open the email you have received from Coinbase and hit the Blue button to confirm your email address.

    • Enter the Two-step verification code.


    Question: What should I do to add a payment method to the Coinbase Prime Login?

    Answer: Get into the Coinbase Prime Login account.

    • Click on the Settings icon.

    • Then, select the Transfer coin from the Coinbase option.

    • Choose the assets you want to buy and input the amount.

    • After that, click on the Add a payment method button and choose a desired mode of payment.

    • Now, follow the easy prompts.


    Question: How can I get Coinbase mobile app on my iOS device?

    Answer: Firstly. Open the App Store on your device.

    • Then, enter Coinbase in the search box and hit the search icon.

    • Now, select the Coinbase icon from the visible list.

    • After that, tap on the Get button to begin the installation process.